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U 系列
HTC U12 Plus Middle Frame Bezel Plate with Flex Cable 74H03490-01M 出售
HTC U Ultra MotherBoard PCBA 51H41221-04M 出售
HTC U11 Life MotherBoard PCB Module 51H41266-00M 出售
HTC U11 Eyes Loudspeaker 36H01256-00M 出售
HTC U11 EYEs Ear Speaker 36H01255-00M 出售
HTC U11 Ear Speaker - 36H01186-02M 出售
HTC U11+ MotherBoard PCB Module 51H41269-00M / 51H41269-01M 出售
HTC U12 Plus Main Rear Camera 16MP&12MP Wide-angle - 54H00669-00M 出售
HTC U11 LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly without Frame 83H90221-02 / 83H90221-03 出售
HTC U11 Life LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly with Frame 80H02119-07 出售
HTC U11 Eyes LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly with Frame 80H02136-00 / 80H02136-01 / 80H02136-02 出售
HTC Butterfly 2 Loudspeaker 36H01068-01M 出售
HTC U11 Life Loudspeaker 36H01244-01M / 36H01244-03M 出售
HTC U Play Proximity Sensor Flex - 51H01228-00M 出售
HTC U11 Life Charging Port Lower Board 51H01261-00M 出售
HTC U11 EYEs Charging Port Lower Board 51H01281-00M 出售
HTC U11 Antenna Board - 51H10281-00M 出售
HTC U Play MotherBoard 51H41222-00M / 51H41222-03M 出售
HTC U12 Plus PCBA Main Board 51H41291-02M / 51H41285-04M / 51H41285-06M 出售
HTC U Play 1600万像素后置主摄像头 54H00646-01M 出售
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